Case Stories Editorial

It was always my dream  .  .  .    to edit books.  

And now I do! 

My job is to help authors organize content, clean up writing, and clearly communicate each idea.

The result? An incredible literary experience.

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Good Editing = Successful Books

Readers can smell a bad book from miles away. They don't like...

• factual, grammatical, & typographical errors
• confusing tone or language that confuzzles...?
• inconsistent typography
• lengthy sentences that go on and on and on
• jargonola cool-dude lingo
• boredom
I Help Fix That Stuff.
I help writers find clear direction when prose lacks focus, and I help create consistent pacing, plot, tone, characterization, setting, and more. Baggy, unwieldy, unfocused manuscripts become organized, enjoyable, readable books.

I also assist with marketing, branding, editorial guidance, and website development.

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