Case Stories Editorial

It was always my dream  .  .  .    to edit books  

Now I edit everything from books to websites to mobile apps.

No matter the project, my job is to create intuitive content that clearly communicates each important idea. The result?

An incredible literary experience.

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Strong Editing = Strong Content

Readers can smell bad editorial content from miles away. They don't like...

• factual, grammatical, & typographical errors
• confusing tone or language that confuzzles...?
• inconsistent typography
• lengthy sentences that go on and on and on
• jargonola cool-dude lingo
• Feels "Off"
I Help Fix That Stuff
I help writers find clear direction when prose lacks focus, and I help create consistent pacing, plot, tone, characterization, setting, and more. Baggy, unwieldy, unfocused manuscripts become organized, enjoyable, readable books.

I also assist with marketing, branding, editorial guidance, and website development.

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