Editorial Rates

$0.07 per word

A developmental edit (DE) should be the first type of editing a manuscript undergoes. It focuses on “big picture” aspects such as organization, plot, pacing, and style. Because it targets macro issues, it will not address micro issues such as punctuation or grammatical errors (typos).

The purpose of the DE is to improve the overall structure of the book and prepare it for the next editorial stage: copy editing.

$0.05 per word

Copy editing (CE) usually follows the developmental edit and identifies punctuation errors, incorrect facts, style inconsistencies, and glaring typos throughout the text. It's recommended that the author hire on a different editor for the DE, CE, and proofread.

The purpose of the CE is to ensure each sentence of the book is clear, readable, and accurate — and to prepare the text for the final editorial stage: proofreading.

$0.035 per word

The hybrid edit is a blend of the developmental and copy editing processes. Authors working on a tight budget may opt for this tailored edit designed to target the most essential macro & micro needs of the book, thus preparing it for the final editorial stage: proofreading.

Due to the streamlined nature of this editing process, which serves to replace the independent DE and CE, hybrid edits are not considered as comprehensive.

*Due to demand, I do not offer sample edits or editorial assessment.

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